Deep Sea Diving & Snorkeling:

Barra and Tofo can boast some of the best diving in the world, the warm clear waters are home to giant mantas and whalesharks. During August September and October the migrating humpback whales are one of the true wonders of the world.
Barra Reef Divers based at Neptunes, just down the beach from Farol da Barra.
Diversity Scuba based in Tofo is a 5 star PADI training center, and has a wonderful activity center where one can rent FatBikes, surf boards and go on ocean safari’s

Deep Sea Fishing:

The bay and reefs at Barra are one of the most popular fishing destinations in the world. Farol da Barra is a popular lodge to use for International Deep Sea Fishing Competitions with easy access close to the boat launching area. Boats can also be parked in front of Farol da Barra if you are one of our guests.

For chartered fishing expeditions enquire with Leigh at Farol da Barra Reception.

Bird & micro sea life:

The beach in front of Farol da Barra host an abundance of small sea creatures, shells and bird life. You can also take an easy stroll on the beach and observe these magnificent creatures early morning or when the tide is low.

Visit Farol da Barra Lighthouse:

The early history of the lighthouse is unclear but references to it date back as far as 1873. The station itself dates back to 1900.

The present tower was built in 1945, replacing the 1900 lighthouse. The lighthouse was restored in 1993 and 1997. Many photos show the lighthouse with a noticeable lean. Ponta da Barra is at the end of the Barra Peninsula, which shelters the Bay of Inhambane.

The lighthouse is still operational.

Horse Riding:

Can be found in Tofo refer to

Local Fish and Grocery Shopping:

A unique shopping experience awaits you at Farol da Barra. Local fishermen and fruit sales ladies visit the lodge early morning to show you all their goods on sale. Buy from them – this supports the local community around Farol da Barra and their prices are very reasonable. You can also provide them for specific order for crayfish/fish which they would supply the next day or even later that same day.

Also visit Yum-Yum Supermarket for most grocery needs. Located on the road between Inhambane and Barra. Fresh vegetables, bakery, butchery and alcohol.

Inhambane Town:

Take a walk through Inhambane and visit landmarks like the local fishmarket, harbour and enjoy a coffee at one of the many street cafe’s available. Bright and colourful buildings and graffiti adds to Inhambane’s unique charm.

Tofo Town:

Tofo is a tourist town with focus on large groups of divers, backpackers, lodge guests and travellers that visit this coastal town daily. There are amazing restaurants available to choose from, beach parties at Dino’s and many ocean and diving adventures you can add to your list when visiting Tofo.

4×4 & Assistance:

Many visitors try to test their newly purchased SUV on the beach at Barra. Many get stuck. Please note that driving on the beach are prohibited by Maritime and you face a hefty fine should you get caught by officials. You are only allowed to drive on the beach if you have a launching permit and are launching a boat.

Closest Vehicle Mechanic would be in Inhambane Motorcare at the main circle.

General Information: